Fact or Fiction: Newcastle’s takeover is great for the Premier League

Who wouldn’t want to be Newcastle United right now? Swimming in the splendour of Arabian Oil wealth, the fortunes of the club have been perhaps permanently altered for the better. But what about the Premier League as a whole? Should they be excited to see another addition to the “big boys’? Ayoola and Rilwan discuss the pros and cons of the Newcastle takeover as well as other issues that arise as a result of it. 

1. Newcastle’s takeover is great for the Premier League 

Ayoola’s View:

FICTION. For me, it’s all fun. It’s great to see another team for people to obsess over. Another team to add drama to the most covered league in the World. Another team to challenge the big 4/6/8 to the Champions League spots and title. 

But what happens when there are more clubs like Newcastle, backed by oligarchs looking to launder their image in the same league with a limited number of spaces at the top? Imagine 10, 15 clubs who are able and willing to spend recklessly vying for Champions League slots that offer a limited amount of money as compensation? 

Apart from the nonsensical effects, it would have on the transfer window, it could also cause clubs to inevitably record major financial losses and create an unsustainable spending pattern in England especially. 

I will definitely enjoy seeing another title challenger join the fold and the Newcastle fans should see this as a good thing for their club, but how much of a good thing can we have before it becomes a bad thing? 

Rilwan’s View: 

FACT. It is always interesting when a new guy enters the room with new ideas. It’s better when he brings great competition and in the Premier League, a lot of money. 

Like Manchester City changed the state of English football when Sheikh Mansour bought the team in 2008, the PIF will set the country on a new pedestal and Newcastle’s neighbours will feel the pinch possibly for decades to come. What will a team like Sunderland be thinking right now? Times are a-changin

Newcastle will shake the Premier League for good and they are out with a statement that they want to win the league title in five to ten years. That’s the ambition you’d expect with such billions. It’s distressing to competitors but pleasing to football in general. Competition makes everyone better and with a team of Newcastle’s structure, size, and history, money is just a shoo-in. 

2. Newcastle now need to get rid of Steve Bruce

Ayoola’s View:

FACT: Unfortunately, this is going to be the case and it is justified. Bruce has already come under criticism for his results at Newcastle who are winless in seven EPL games this season and lie in 19th place. It’s a bit sad that we never got to see Bruce backed by any real investments in the squad, but it’s impossible to see him staying on based on the team’s form and Steve Bruce’s status as a manager. 

With all due respect, he doesn’t seem like a manager that clubs that Newcastle are aiming to emulate would hire Steve Bruce so it makes sense that Bruce gets asked to leave soon. If he were a manager doing better than expected with meager resources, then maybe an argument could be made to keep him and give him a chance, but he isn’t, so it can’t.

Rilwan’s View: 

FACT. Steve Bruce may be the first to get bruised. His profile doesn’t fit their projections, and his style is by far not in the ilk of winners. Newcastle have to as a matter of urgency get on the springboard and start making swift moves. With Steve Bruce in charge, they may be battling relegation with their billions, and that’s not a rich club’s doings. 

The former Manchester United man may be the first to be shown the exit door from the club and he will accept it in good faith. He has to smell the cookie before it comes ruining his nose. These are new times.

3. Newcastle need to start spending the loot as soon as January

Ayoola’s View:

FICTION: There are two ways to spend newly gotten money. The first, to buy any new toys that catch your fancy just because you can finally afford them. The second, to carefully plan and budget the spending to systematically improve all aspects of your being without losing yourself to the newly gotten wealth. 

While the first might seem fun to do, it is no way to build. The current Newcastle squad could do with some improvement in the January window, but they should also try not to do too much at once. 

Rilwan’s View: 

FACT. Recall Manchester City signing Robinho to make a big statement of their presence. Newcastle needs such a big statement that will immediately announce their arrival. Luckily, it’s just a few months before January and they need the best hands in the transfer business to come on board. Winning the Premier League is good on paper, but it’s one of the most difficult things to achieve in modern football, and players are of the essence. Good players; one two or eight at a time.

Newcastle must start spending the loot as quickly as possible. Those foreign and local clubs are beginning to look at who they can cash out on. It’s time to spend the loot, and fans can’t wait. 

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