7 things to do during the International break

When I went to work on Friday, there was something different about the mood. It didn’t seem that much like a Friday. The Arsenal fans were smiling, the Barcelona fans didn’t seem anxious, even the Manchester United fans weren’t taking out their frustrations on the punching bag with Ole’s picture taped to it. Best of all, the Chelsea fans weren’t being cocky and I myself did not feel the overwhelming desire to check my FPL team and stress over a captain pick. 

This was not an ordinary Friday and the reason why eluded me… until it didn’t and I muttered under my breath “Oh no, not the International break”. 

I had no idea what to do with myself without club football during the weekend, and I know that many people can relate. I went searching so that you would not have to endure the overwhelming boredom that the international break can bring and here are some of the best options I found. 

1. Find Love

How do you expect to find true love if you’re always in front of the TV obsessing over your favourite team/league/player every weekend? It now makes so much sense why there are so many single football fans. 

You’ve been offered a reprieve this weekend so please, go out, have fun, meet someone and find love so that Ronald Koeman and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s bad choices won’t make you as upset as they do now. Watch out for breakfast though. 

2. Search the Ballgecko site and interact

There’s really so much to do on the new Ballgecko Website. From reading the best football articles this side of the Sahara to listening to the awesome podcasts, but most importantly, you can (should) try out the all-new community. 

Complete your profile and get in on the conversations. The more you watch, read, listen and converse, the more BG Gems you can rack up and the higher you will get on the Ball Gecko leaderboard. 

3. Reconnect with your loved ones

When last did you connect with your loved ones? A call to the fam? A date with the boo? Gist with your best friend? That long? Just because you’re analyzing why your team can’t beat Pep Guardiola’s false 9 and high press? Do better. You have some time now. 

4. Play some video games

If you can’t see the real Mo Salah rip defenses apart, then you can at least see him do it in a video game. The new FIFA 22 and E-Football launch should already have you excited for a long weekend of gaming.

If you don’t like football games, then there are a plethora of other games you can sink your teeth into. 

5. Play some real-life football

Remember how you keep telling people you’re a better midfielder than Fred? Why not try out your theory? Get some grass under your boots, run a few yards, play a few passes, and score a few goals. The feeling of being out there on the pitch is great and with no club, football to take up your entire weekend then you should get a taste of what the pros enjoy. 

6. Get involved with a different sport

If you want something different from football altogether, you can consider picking up a different sport. From basketball to hockey, athletics to ice skating, there is an entire world of other sports that can keep you company until club football comes back around. 

7. Watch some international football

If all else fails, then I’m sorry, you might have to actually watch international teams slug it out with your favourite players scattered around different teams on different continents. It couldn’t possibly be that bad, could it? 

The games are happening anyway and they are games of football after all so they can’t be that bad. So give international team football a chance. 

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