Tokyo 2020: Test your Olympics football knowledge

Tokyo 2020 Olympics has officially opened. The 5-year wait is over. The race for 339 events in the Summer Olympics Games has kicked off.

Are you an Olympics lover? Let’s see just how well you are familiar with the gods of Mount Olympus with your recall of five-rings trivia. 

Who scored the highest goals in a match at the Olympics?

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
2. Sophus Nielsen
3. Antal Dunai
4. Archie Thompson

Sophus Nielsen

Sophus Nielsen of Denmark scored ten times in the 17-1 win over France. 

The country with most Olympics football win

1. Germany
2. Brazil
3. Denmark
4. Hungary

Hungary and England both have three tittles. Hungary won in 1952, 1964 and 1968.

Who scored Nigeria’s winning goal at the Olympics

1. Kanu Nwankwo
2. Emmanuel Amunike
3. Jay Jay Okocha
4. Daniel Amokachi

Amunike scored the winning goal during the final of the Atlanta 1996 Olympics football final

Who did Nigeria play against at the Atlanta '96 final?

1. Argentina
2. Brazil
3. England
4. Mexico


Nigeria faced Argentina in the historic final

How old was Kanu Nwankwo at the Olympics ’96?

1. 17
2. 21
3. 19
4. 18


Kanu was just 19 when he put on an incredible performance to help Nigeria win gold in Atlanta

How many Olympics has Formiga participated?

1. 7
2. 8
3. 9
4. 10


43-year-old Formiga just became the first female player to take part in seven Olympic Games. She has 201 caps for the Brazilian national team

When was female football introduced to the Olympics?

1. 1992
2. 1996
3. 1988
4. None of the above


Women's football was first introduced in Atlanta, 1996 with eight teams competing. Since then, the event grew to ten teams at the Athens Games and then, to 12 teams in Beijing.

Tokyo 2020 was postponed because of the pandemic. In what other year has the Olympics been postponed?

1. 1916
2. 1940
3. 1944
4. None of the above


Surprise! The Olympics has never been postponed before. They have, howver, been canceled. The Olympics Games were canceled in 1916, 1940, and 1944 because the World Wars I and II.

What record did Neymar break at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

1. Highest goals in Olympic history
2. Latest most penalties in Olympics history
3. Fastest goal in Olympics history
4. None of the above

Brazilian superstar, Neymar, scored the fastest goal in Olympics history when he secured a 14-second lead for his country against Honduras at the Rio Olympics.

What year did Mexico win the Olympics?

1. 2012
2. 2004
3. 2008
4. None of the above


Mexico beat Brazil 2-1 at the London Olympics final. 

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Tokyo 2020: Test your Olympics football knowledge

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