Which Italian Football Player Are You?

Italy just won the EURO 2020. The Azzuris lifted the cup in Wembley, robbing the hosts, England, a chance to end their 55-year drought. 5 Italian players made the team of the tournament. Take the quiz to know which one you are.

Pick a number

1. 21
2. 4
3. 8
4. 14

Choose an Italian city or province that sounds sexy to you

1. Genoa
2. Lusiana
3. Viterbo
4. Castellammare di Stabia

Which team would you play for?

1. Paris Saint-Germain
2. AS Roma
3. Juventus FC
4. Chelsea FC

Pick an Italian meal that looks best to you


How many teams are in the Seria A?

1. 25
2. 30
3. 20
4. 15


Pick an EURO 2020 stadium

1. Parken Stadium, Denmark
2. Hampden Park, Scotland
3. Wembley Stadium, England
4. Football Arena, Germany

All 6 questions completed!

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Which Italian Football Player Are You?

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